Our Values


Through our values, we are creating the foundations for supporting our companies, our customers, and our communities.

We are passionate about keeping people and the planet safe, from the manufacturing and delivery of our products, through to how and where are products are used and the positive impact they can have on the wider community. We aspire to be the best, making all our stakeholders feel special, from attracting and retaining staff, through to developing long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

Responsible Supply Chain

Social Responsibility

There is a huge housing crisis happening right now in the UK, we currently are falling well short of the social housing target. By becoming part of the solution in using Modular Group to build more high-quality affordable homes not only do we contribute towards reducing the crisis but we also create more jobs and stability for the economy. As part of our social responsibility we will also look at other means of production which will reach out to all parts of society including NEET, veteran, disabled and ex-offenders. We are equal opportunity employers.


Social Impact

There is a huge crisis happening right now in the UK, we currently are falling well short of the social housing target. By becoming part of the solution, MGI are supporting the supply chain to build more high-quality affordable homes.

In doing this we are positively contributing towards building social housing, whilst generating job opportunities allowing us to encourage social inclusion and creating stability for the economy.



MGI are actively focused on developing the supply chain to the off-site manufacturing process, which reduces the carbon impact compared to traditional construction.

As a company we are committed to making a positive and sustainable contribution in all areas we impact, from the businesses of our customers to the people we work with and the communities where we work and of course the environment.

Our environmental objective is for all our group portfolio to be carbon neutral long before the government’s carbon reduction targets.

Why Home Builders Should Consider Off-site Construction
Embracing technology


We believe that digital is a forceful tool to encourage communication, efficiency and reduce waste in the construction and manufacturing arena.

By collaborating and using principles such as Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), we can work with our customers to improve communication which allows us to deliver products, improved quality and reduce waste.

Best practice

Health & Safety First

Health & Safety is a huge issue in both construction and manufacturing. We are highly focused on health and safety in our operations, by using modular methods we reduce the possibility of many on-site accidents, in our manufacturing operations we also enforce strict regulation and procedure and use monitoring technology to ensure that our employees are kept safe when working with us.