Making positive progress creating a supply chain supporting MMC


Modular Group Investments Limited is an active and innovative investment group

MGI has a goal to make positive changes and progress within UK offsite Manufacturing and SME businesses in synergistic markets. We are actively investing in a range of sub sectors across the construction and manufacturing markets, with a specific focus on companies with product or services that support the offsite construction market, this includes manufacturing of componentry & materials, sub-assembly suppliers and service businesses.

Our team benefits from over 140 years of combined experience across all professions including M&A transactions, buyouts, operational, legal, accounting and strategic business management.

Who we are
Aluminium Windows on a Building

We invest in businesses that can actively support MMC growth

Our businesses have a central focus to support MMC and offsite construction. Combined, our businesses also allow us to operate in adjacent markets, generating opportunities to provide a wide array of building products through a number of channels including OEM and building merchants.

Our Portfolio

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