Why Home Builders Should Consider Off-site Construction


Understanding Offsite Construction

Off-site Construction refers to the process of planning, designing, manufacturing, and assembling of elements at a location that originates outside of their final installed location. This process of construction is designed to be a more efficient, cost-effective, and rapid alternative to on-site construction.

With the government preparing to launch the new ‘Help to Build’ scheme, we want to take the time to highlight the key benefits of Off-site Construction for home builders.


Lower Costs

It is well known that Off-site Construction creates less waste than the traditional on-site methods of construction. In addition to this, building professionals have the ability to be more precise when material planning which limits over-spending on supplies that may not be used. The overall build quality that comes from Offsite Construction has the opportunity to reduce long-term costs relating to energy, damage, and repairs.


A Sustainable Solution

Sustainability currently holds huge importance in building projects and Off-site Construction is a step towards an environmentally friendly solution. Moving the construction process Off-site can eliminate material wastage whilst also reducing environmental disruption to the community. A great step towards keeping your new neighbors happy! According to a report made by BuildingGreen, Off-site Construction can also reduce the number of deliveries to the site by 90% and decrease the average travel distance of workers to the site by 75%.


Safety is Key

Off-site Construction limits the need for there to be a lot of manpower on site, helping to reduce the dangers of unpredictable weather and notorious on-site hazards such as workers falling from heights and machine malfunctioning.


Opportunity for Personalisation

For home builders, the ability to have the freedom to personalise your build is a must. Off-site Construction holds the power to offer more opportunities for personalisation than any other building method. From start to finish the styling and material options are endless.

Euramax Solutions are experts at providing manufacturing and building solutions for our client’s individual needs. This is due to our market-leading approach to off-site building construction. Our state-of-the-art facility works hard to manufacture premium quality uPVC & aluminium windows and doors that are the perfect fit for modular buildings. We understand that modular construction is fastly becoming a popular, highly efficient production process, and we ensure efficiency and quality through our products and services.

To discuss our off-site construction offerings, get in touch!

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